Byr Bridge Brigade

19th day of Harvest, 7 AU
Everything happens for the worst.

“Skye” and Falawfol return to Byr, picking up a post-drowned Warforged along the way. They meet with Murica, reevalute the deal with Varilin, the cartographer, and proceed to his family tomb to clear it of undead.

Meanwhile, at the old capitol of Areli, the bounty hunter “Mask” is hired along with the pixie Ren and a former soldier known as “the Bear” to kill a Lucian crime lord as he travels to the former capitol to reestablish himself in Areli. They follow the lead to a bend in the road, establish an ambush point. The crime lord’s guards were to be weakened by a goblin attack, all of whom were convinced that the small caravan was to be tiny and filled with “shiny”. With the guards weakened, it should make the assassination quick and easy.

The small caravan approached; several guards had been killed in the goblin attack, the survivors tired and sore, and a lone goblin survivor had been tied to the back wagon to later stand trial at the former Arelin capitol. They never stood a chance. Mask’s sorcerous magic cut through most of them as Ren attacked the target directly, finishing him with a Magic Missle to the head. “The Bear” tried to assist, but was holding his own against the lead guard.

In a moment of cowardice, a surviving guard activated a magic ring,

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18th day of Harvest, 7 AU
Cave of the Vermin Lord

The Byr Bridge Brigade, after a week of community service, are hired by a Halfling named Caretaker to assist with a large vermin problem in the Halfling community of Bridgegard. “Skye” and Falawfol track down the giant bugs and rats, stopping their march on Bridgegard by easily defeating the Vermin Lord, a kobold who discovered a pest-controlling artifact.

Meanwhile, Murica and the Warforged had a day on the town as the Warforged easily defeats a few street thugs, to his dismay, and Murica finds work with Markus Varilin of Carter’s Cartography.

11th day of Harvest, 7 After Unification
Our heroes start the guild.

The Changeling Zah, under his usual guise “Skye Walker”, and the thief Murica purchase a building to be their new guildhouse. Along with their new hire, the Dwarven cleric Falawfol, they clear it of thugs and claim it as theirs. An unnamed Warforged was found in the basement and the half-dwarf simpleton, Gar, was brought in as a hireling after helping them clear the thug bodies.


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