(Jason) Skye Walker [Zah]

The thief in sheep's clothing.


Not much is known about the thief Skye Walker save that he at one time had family: a sister named Teksis and a father named Jay. [names to be altered upon player reconsideration] He was part of a group of thieves after the war where he met Murica and Oak, the first friends he had known for a long time.

After a group of adventurers known as the Gilded Blade slaughtered the rest of their band, Zah and Murica, along with the dwarven cleric Falafel, started the Byr Bridge Brigade.

Beneath it all, Skye is actually a changeling assassin named Zah. An orphan of circus performers, he was raised by a secret order of assassins working outside the law for the good of the people.

(Jason) Skye Walker [Zah]

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