The Lucian province of Areli is an isolated territory, flanked by almost every angle by a geographical feature. Areli lies between two mountain ranges; the xxx Mountains in the North, and the xxx Peaks in the South. To the West lies the Ysir-Byr River, a massive river wider than our own Mississippi stretching from the North to the South, passing through the xxx Peaks. To the East is the xxx Sea, a vast expanse of water cut into the middle of the continent.

There are only two real paths into Areli; the North-East Passage along the xxx River that borders the province of Lucia, and the Byr Gate Passage in the North-West leading into the elven nation of Litharian.

Old Areli

Before being annexed into the Lucian Empire, Areli was its own nation. They enjoyed the bounty of farmland available to them and trade with the Elves of Litharian and the various dwarven clans in the flanking mountain ranges.

The last ruling family, the Lindstrins, ruled for generations until the untimely take over by the Lucian Empire. The Last King, Eril Lindstrin II, was assassinated in his own throne room, leaving his firstborn, Prince Eril Lindstrin III, in line to ascend. But Prince Eril, in anger and remorse, took his best men to pursue the assassin. They were never heard from again. This led to the second son, Prince Kamren Lindstrin, to be next in line for the throne. The ceremony never took place, however. The Imperial Legion had begun to lay siege on the Arelin capitol.


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